The services we offer at the port of Turku

Please note, sending the inquiry does not mean you have a reservation.

The RoRo services concentrate in transportation between Finland and its major trading partners in Europe. With own offices in Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Poland, Germany, Russia, as well as United Kingdom together with an extensive international network of relationships, high quality service is guaranteed.

Finnlines also represents Grimaldi Group’s services.

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We offer services in RoRo, StoRo and LoLo shipping.

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When you want your cargo to be delivered to the port of Turku and then be either stuffed in a container or loaded on another type of unit, our export stuffing terminal is here for you.

Likewise when you have cargo arriving to Turku and you need it to be loaded in a truck.

More information: L-terminal supervisors 050 565 7412 

Our professional crew and specialized equipment can handle most types of particular needs.

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We offer limited capacity storage for cargo that needs to be protected from freezing temperatures. Dangerous goods are not permitted.

More information:

Teppo Heikkilä                      050 565 5600

  • Finnsteve offers a VGM weighing service for units exported on vessels that we operate.
  • Weighing should be pre-ordered by filling in and sending the from you can find by clicking here.
  • The result of the weighing will be sent to the e-mail address specified in the request.
  • If a container’s VGM is known it should be included in the terminal advice form. 
  • In case a unit that has already been delivered to our terminal needs to be weighed, you need to send a request to Please include the unit details, payer information and the e-mail address to which you want us to send the result. 
  • Finnsteve is not responsible for any waiting fees of possible charges related to missing a vessel’s VGM closing time. 

More information:

In the port of Turku Finnsteve offers ship agency services.

We serve as the local agent by taking care of the following.

  1. Communication between the different parties.
  2. Declarations and permits to the authorities.
  3. Documentation
  4. Any additional assistance the shipping line, the vessel or the crew require. 

For more information including calculating the costs of the service for your needs: