Instructions for visiting vuosaari

All pedestrian and cycle traffic is prohibited.

When driving in the port area you must adhere to the marked traffic routes.

  • All passenger cars must have a yellow flashing light beacon.
  • When in a quay area, vehicles must drive in the middle of the marked traffic route.
  • Driving in the operating area  of a crane or under a lifted load is prohibited.
  • The general speed limit within the harbour area is 30 km/hr (approx. 19 mph), however a lower limit of 20 km/hr (approx. 12 mph) applies in gate area A.

Read more on Port of Helsinki’s page here. (By clicking this link you will exit Finnsteve’s page)

Finnsteve’s customers can get a gate permit by contacting the following departments.

This permit then allows a vehicle to enter the closed port area.


Unitized traffic (trailers & containers)

Customer service at Gatehouse 

Komentosilta 1

00980 Helsinki

Phone 010 565 6360

Export stuffing terminal

Terminal V15 050 565 6620

Terminal V9 050 565 6623

Import terminal (imported vehicles, loading imported cargo in to trucks)

Customer service at Gatehouse 

Komentosilta 1

00980 Helsinki

Phone 010 565 6360

Property, Stock & Workshop V17

Property/Stock 050 565 6318

Workshop 050 565 6311

Document clearance 

Monday – Friday 08.00-16.00 only

Inquiries 010 565 6360 

Shipments are released to the consignee specified in the cargo manifest or their representative with a power of attorney document. When you arrive in Finnsteve’s import office, you will need to have an official ID and the details of the cargo you are picking up.

When using a power of attorney document, it must include the details of the person authorizing the pick-up as well as the person who is given authorization.  The power of attorney must also show the make, model  and VIN* of the vehicle(s) in question.  

*At least the last 6 digits


Customers paying in person by either cash or card will need to pay the relevant charges before the vehicle is released. 

We accept Finnish debit and credit cards. (Visa, Visa Electron, Eurocard and Master Card).

Vehicles arriving Monday – Friday in the morning from either Travemünde or Lübeck can be picked up on the day of arrival at around 14.00.

Arrivals from other ports can be picked up the next working day. 

Releasing of cargo

At the import office our staff will release vehicles when presented with all necessary documents. 

1. If the imported vehicle will be driven away from the port, our shuttle service will take you to the vehicle. The vehicle will then be released to you and we will instruct you on how to exit the port area.

Pick-up location for the shuttle is on the southwest side (the door overlooking the small park and Seamen’s mission church) of the Gatehouse building. 

During the pandemic we ask that you wear a mask during transport. We will be happy to provide you with one in case you forgot to bring your own.

Monday – Friday








2. If you wish to load the imported vehicle on a trailer to take it from the port, we will first give your truck a gate permit to come in to our import terminal. After you’ve presented the necessary documents the vehicle(s) will be released to you and an exit gate permit will be sent to the system.

See the driving instruction by clicking this link. (PDF)

Instructions in English.

Remember to open any twist-locks before driving to the lifting zones.


RED ARROWS = Returning of an empty unit

Drive to lifting zone 1. 

After the empty unit has been removed continue on the RED path to exit the port area.

In case you are also picking up another empty container, remain in lifting zone 1 until until the new empty container has been lifted on your trailer and then leave the lifting zone. Stop in a position where you are not blocking other traffic and lock the twist-locks and then proceed to exit the port area according to the RED path.

BLUE ARROWS = Only picking up an empty unit

(See RED ARROWS if you are first returning an empty container.)

Drive to lifting zone 2. 

After the empty unit has been lifted on to your trailer leave the lifting zone. Stop in a position where you are not blocking other traffic and lock the twist-locks and then continue on the BLUE path to exit the port area.

A pre-notification to the Port of Helsinki’s system is required before any IMDG cargo arrives either through the gate or imported on a vessel.

In case the pre-notification hasn’t been issued or a required label is missing, the unit will not be admitted to the port area.

See further details and instructions on Port of Helsinki’s page here. (You will leave Finnsteve’s page)